Tubb Precision AR-10/SR-25 CS magazine spring - 20 Round

Tubb Precision AR-10/SR-25 CS magazine spring - 20 Round
Tubb Precision AR-10/SR-25 CS magazine spring - 20 Round
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Tubb Precision CS SR25/AR10 Magazine Spring - 20 Round


Your magazine IS a spring! After hearing, and experiencing, numerous magazine failures in magazines for these rifles, we decided to produce a better spring.


The problem is rarely in the magazine box and is most often in the follower or spring, and frequently both. Our Tubb Precision CS [chrome silicon] springs represent the ultimate in magazine upgrades. It solves virtually al magazine-related function problems, for good.


The Tubb Precision CS SR-25/AR-10 Magazine Spring provides positive pre-load against the follower. Consistent, constant tension is the key. As with other Tubb Precision CS springs, it has extra power (+10-percent) and faster rebound. Plus, there is less drag against the magazine side walls for freer movement. These attributes are of utmost importance to the NRA High Power competitor who is frequently relying on bolt stop engagement on an empty magazine and also positive feeding from underloaded magazines.


Our Tubb Precision CS spring is angled correctly to locate the follower in its optimum orientation. This design modification alone fixes a majority of feeding problems. Another advantage of this spring is faster, more positive bolt stop engagement, saving wear on the part and also ensuring its correct function.


As with all Tubb Precision CS springs, the superior chrome silicon material will perform its job perfectly well beyond the life of any magazine. This spring length fits all magazine configurations available for the SR-25, AR-10, DPMS .308 LR, M1A/M14, and others. This spring also works with TUBB 2000 magazines.


*Please note that our "20-round" designation does not necessarily refer to the actual round capacity of the magazine. Our 20-round spring fits any size magazine box, including those blocked or manufactured to 5, 8, or 10 round capacities. DOWNLOAD brochure for trimming instructions.




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