David Tubb's Lightweight Flatwire Buffer spring for AR-15 platforms

David Tubb's Lightweight Flatwire Buffer spring for AR-15 platforms
David Tubb's Lightweight Flatwire Buffer spring for AR-15 platforms
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High Performance Tubb Precision  Flatwire Buffer Spring for AR-15 Rifles & Carbines. This Tubb Precision  AR-15 Flatwire Buffer Spring fits both carbine and standard length stocks.

Now available for platforms using low pressure loads such as 300 Blackout and 300 Whisper.

Use the latest AR style buffer spring released by David Tubb in your 300 AAC Blackout or 300 Whisper. Using the latest technology and techniques in spring winding David Tubb had created a lighter weight buffer spring designed for those running platforms with lighter pressures. Be absolutely confident that your 300 Blackout or Whisper will function consistently every time with our new lightweight buffer spring. Take advantage in knowing that no matter what the conditions, your AR will cycle and feed providing you with a lifetime of worry and maintenance free operation.

-Why should you use Tubb Precision  Flatwire Buffer Springs? Extended life at optimum performance! Many conventional buffer springs are constructed from music wire or non post winding processed stainless steel. Their performance becomes suspect in as little as 500 rounds and can cause rifle performance to degrade to the point that rifle function will change. We fielded many questions from people complaining about "mystery malfunctions" when their rifles get past that round count , and we've found installation of a Tubb Precision  Flatwire Buffer Spring cures nearly all of them, and it cures them for good.

This is the last Buffer Spring you'll ever need for your AR-15! Tubb Precision  springs are duty rated for 500,000 compression cycles at maximum performance.

Enhanced rifle performance - Due to the superior nature of its material, Tubb Precision  Flatwire Buffer Springs have the same power as conventionally constructed "extra power" springs, yet provide that extra energy using a lighter spring weight. Correct timing and resistance on the recoil stroke and a controlled rebound ensures reliable feeding with consistent forward thrust. The result is that the rifle functions flawlessly and stays on target better.

With the Tubb Precision Flatwire Buffer Spring, the bolt will remain locked a little longer, allowing pressures more time to subside. This means getting those heavy bullets to needed velocities can be more readily accomplished.

Tubb Precision Springs cure spring induced malfunctions for the life of the rifle.

Unaffected by temperature - Music wire and carbon steel springs are adversely affected by temperatures as low as only 175° F. Tubb Springs perform flawlessly in excess of 700° F. Performance and function will not change during rapid fire conditions.

Perfect consistency - Tubb Precision Flatwire Buffer Springs are made to Stringent 9002 Quality Control Standards. Certified materials use, and our exclusive post-winding processing guarantees true, consistent performance. Conventional AR15 buffer springs are notorious for exhibiting wide variances in installed load height, compression and rebound performance, and even length.

Unless you're using Tubb Precision springs in your rifle, not only are you frequently replacing springs, but rifle performance may be continually changing with each replacement.



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