Tubb Precision CS M1A/M14 Op-Rod & Hammer Spring set

Tubb Precision CS M1A/M14 Op-Rod & Hammer Spring set
Tubb Precision CS M1A/M14 Op-Rod & Hammer Spring set Tubb Precision CS M1A/M14 Op-Rod & Hammer Spring set
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Tubb Precision CS M1A / M14 Op-rod & Hammer Spring set


The Tubb Precision CS Spring line extends to a set for a rifle that really needs them! Springs in these rifles take a beating, but ours can't be hurt.


There are many "common" problems associated with M14 type firearms, and many are solved by our CS Operating Rod Spring. The demands placed on this spring lead to potentially dangerous feeding failures as the spring ages or heats, or both. The assurance of more positive feeding curbs tendencies toward the extremely hazardous condition of an out of battery discharge. Plus, the extra resistance to unlocking gives firing pressures a chance to subside prior to the start of action cycling. Brass condition improves! Extra-heavy springs were one of the modifications some military teams made in their "1000 yard" guns, but the CS Spring effectively increases spring power without actually attaining a higher rate.


Resistance to heat becomes a major factor in spring performance in these firearms. Temperatures at the end of the operating rod have been measured in excess of 500 degrees F. CS Springs will tolerate in excess of 700° at full operational capacity. Other springs are negatively affected by temperatures as low as 175°.


The CS Hammer Spring affords the shooter the opportunity to attain a better, more consistent trigger pull as well as speed up lock time. These are both very important assets to the Service Rifle shooter.


Tubb Precision Chrome Silicon springs are made from the highest quality Chrome Silicon alloy. These are the only firearms springs constructed from this superior material and held to rigid 9002 Quality Control Standards. Along with the use of certified materials, this combination yields the highest quality, most consistent, and best performing spring available.


All Superior Shooting Systems Inc. Tubb Precision CS springs are heat treated, stress relieved, and shot peened after winding to enhance grain structure, remove stresses, and maximize durability and stability. This guarantees extremely close tolerances in meeting our specification criteria. A standard spring cannot successfully be treated to these processes. To the shooter it means consistency and correctness in function -- quicker lock time, fewer vibrations, and a more accurate rifle.


When a conventional spring is first installed is the last time it's doing its job as designed. Standard music wire springs are notorious for changing characteristics. We have all heard that a spring will take a "set" (compress to a shorter length) and then stay there for the remainder of its life. Not true! All springs continue to degrade and shorten with each cycle. The question is when and how much? Our springs are made from the same Chrome Silicon alloy used in the manufacture of valve springs for Indy car engines. Those springs can easily endure over one million compression cycles at high temperature in one afternoon -- a much harsher environment than experienced in any firearm, even for an Op-Rod spring in an M1A / M14.


Rigid 9002 Quality Control Standards, certified materials use, and our exclusive post-winding processing guarantees true performance.



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