.338 Cal 299 DTAC’s with NOSERING® - 200

.338 Cal 299 DTAC’s with NOSERING®  - 200
.338 Cal 299 DTAC’s with NOSERING®  - 200
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Superior Shooting Systems new product  

DTAC 299gr 338 diameter lead core bullet in a low drag profile with a Closed Nose (CN) and NOSERING™ Application.

Testing over an Oehler 88 at 1000 yards provided excellent drag data numbers.

 A G1 BC 1000 yard of .845 with 10 shot groupings yielding BC variations of less than 10 points are standard.

A G7 BC would be .435

Additionally bullet stability transition from supersonic thru transonic into subsonic velocities with the NOSERING™ yield an improved subsonic drag #.


The DTAC 299 with a .050” NOSERING™ cut makes this a dynamic long range hunting bullet as the tip will either break off or implode into the lead core which results in a dramatic wound cavity.

1 in 10 twist or faster barrel recommended

200 bullet count

Choice of a TBN coating or Bare.

Complete writeup on the 33XC/37XC/41XC


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