NOSERING® Tool Body License

NOSERING® Tool Body	License
NOSERING® Tool Body	License NOSERING® Tool Body	License
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NOSERING® Tool Body Use License

David Tubb's NOSERING® Tool (Body Only, Collars Sold Separately)

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NOSERING® Bullet Collar NOT Included!  Click HERE to purchase.


The creation of the NOSERING® tool was a direct result from hunting experiences of which many excellent impacts “Ran Off” as the result of a nonexpanding target bullet which has no catalyst (other than hitting bone) to initiate repeatable expansion. There are also other benefits from cutting a NOSERING® on a bullet. These include increased uniformity of the bullets ballistic drag coefficient as well as the adjustability of the NOSERING® tools’ cutting depth which allow the user to control a bullets’ expansive qualities while using your rifles muzzle velocity in conjunction with your target’s girth.


The unique option of adjusting the NOSERING® tool incrementally in .001” gives you the choice of determining your bullets terminal performance.



NOSERING® Tool Writeup and Info

NOSERING® Doppler Comparison



NOSERING® Tool Demonstration Video:


NOSERING® Tool Cutter Setup:

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