DTAC 6XC Precision Loaded Ammo with NOSERING® Application (50 Rounds)

DTAC 6XC Precision Loaded Ammo with NOSERING® Application (50 Rounds)
DTAC 6XC Precision Loaded Ammo with NOSERING® Application (50 Rounds)
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   DTAC 6XC Precision Loaded Ammunition with NOSERING®.


A new standard for excellence, DTAC ammunition is engineered to be capable of firing a 10-inch vertical 10-shot group at 1000 yards. This is precision long-range ammo that has the unique value of a devastating hunting bullet.


DTAC 6XC Precision Loaded Ammunition is built from the following components: Sierra 115gr DTAC Boron Nitride Coated bullets, a proprietary powder mix, Russian primers and Peterson brass and topping off all of this with NOSERING® application to the bullet.


Why is DTAC Precision Loaded Ammunition the best ammunition on the market? Start with the finest carefully chosen and segregated components, develop a proven load combination that maximizes both velocity and accuracy, and then assemble each and every round as if it was to fire the last "x" needed to win a national championship, or as if someone's "shot of a lifetime" in the field depended on its performance.


DTAC ammunition is produced to a standard previously unavailable from the ammunition manufacturing industry. For example, each powder charge is weighed to less than 2 kernels of overall weight; that is equal to < 1/10 of a grain!  All DTAC Loaded Ammo is manufactured following strict quality control guidelines by people who know and care about extreme ammunition performance.


DTAC offers a standard of excellence equivalent to or exceeding the most meticulously prepared handloaded ammunition, including select extruded propellants chosen for temperature insensitivity, precisely weighed propellant charges, concentricity tolerance, uniform ballistic performance(NOSERING(tm)), and detailed component preparation.


DTAC products won't ever be for "everyone." They are engineered to provide solutions for the serious precision rifleman and long range varmint hunter - people who can understand and appreciate the differences found in DTAC offerings. Mostly, DTAC is for those who not only see these differences, but who know in a heartbeat that they have chosen wisely.


"This ammunition is more uniform and versatile in its use than anything available on the market today." David Tubb




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