Tubb High Power Hat (Green)

Tubb High Power Hat (Green)
Tubb High Power Hat (Green) Tubb High Power Hat (Green) Tubb High Power Hat (Green) Tubb High Power Hat (Green)
Brand: Superior Shooting Systems
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Tubb High Power Hat - Black


"Having worn various shooting hats made by European manufacturers for years -- I knew I could do it better for outdoor shooting."


The two outstanding features of this hat are the fully position-adjustable flaps and the adjustable neck flap for sun protection.


The brim flaps are infinitely adjustable to let you position either flap at any partially open or closed position. That means shade for the eyes but not a restricted view. Being able to watch conditions or wind flag position is paramount to good performance, and the older your eyes the more advantage you gain from being in the shade but not having your side view blocked.


* Designed for outdoor use


* Flap system provides infinite positioning


* Flaps allow shade but do not obstruct view to side for scope or wind flags


* Neck cuff to block sun


* Velcro attachable eye cover included


* Sits correctly on the head for optimum performance


* Competitively priced


* Available in blue, black, tan, or green.





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