"The Rifle Shooter" by David Tubb soft cover

"The Rifle Shooter" by David Tubb soft cover
"The Rifle Shooter" by David Tubb soft cover
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Written 10 years after his first book, "Highpower Rifle", "The Rifle Shooter" is a continuation of David's adventures, accomplishments, and insights into the art and technique of precision rifle shooting. This is not just a revision of David's landmark "Highpower Rifle", but an all-new, greatly expanded work that reveals David's thoughts and recommendations on all aspects of precision rifle shooting.


"The Rifle Shooter" examines in-depth many subjects of interest to the precision shooter, and is divided into 4 main sections, each containing its own segments and chapters:


Section One - Fundamentals: position points and structure, natural point of aim, breathing, triggering mechanics and follow-through, sling selection and use, getting started, getting better, avoiding obstacles;


Section Two - Mechanics: offhand, sitting, prone (position structure, shooting technique, position refinement) - each segment goes into extreme detail;


Section Three - Skills: rapid fire events (skills, strategy, equipment), shooting vision, sight picture, shooting in wind, shooting at Camp Perry, other ranges, event preparation and strategies, mental preparation, long range, plans, goals, training;


Section Four - Technical: rifle design (including the development of the T2K), ammunition (cartridge and bullet selection, reloading techniques, load development and testing), match sights, rifle scopes, barrel selection, cleaning and maintenance, rifle fitting and tuning and stock adjustment.


There are special segments on Tactical and Hunting.


"The Rifle Shooter" is "...an excellent read for anybody who is interested in precision positional short or long range shooting. Cuts the learning curve off your training by years."


"The Rifle Shooter" will be a prized addition to any serious shooter's bookshelf.


432 pages, 400+ photos, 7x10 size, high-quality printing.








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