"I have a goal to share my knowledge with other shooters. I hope that some of these materials might help you get where you want to go as a shooter a little faster and easier."


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6XC Recommendations

David Tubb's Recommendations for the 6XC
Adaptive Target Rifle Writeup

TUBB Adaptive Target Rifle Writeup
Adaptive Target Rifle Detailed Specs

TUBB Adaptive Target Rifle Detailed Specs
Adaptive Target Rifle Press Release

TUBB Adaptive Target Rifle Press Release
2Hole Ammo Press Release

Absolute 2Hole Press Release (July 2016)

2 pages [2MB]
DTR Manual

Updated DTR Reticle Manual (January 2016)

30 pages [182KB]
DTR One Page Instructions

DTR Fast Track Instructions

1 Page [171k]
DRI Press Release

Distance Reduction Indicator Press Release

3 pages [288k]
DRI Instructions

Instructions for the Distance Reduction Indicator

4 pages [473k]
T7T Instructions

Instructions for the T7T Trigger

2 pages [185k]
SSS Bubblevel

Information on the new Bubblevel

3 pages [219k]
SSS Duo Firing Pin Springs

The revolutionary new Duo Firing Pin Spring.

2 pages [121k]
New Barrel Break-In

Newly updated (February 2012) from previous materials, this article explains David Tubb's beliefs and process for breaking in both factory and handlapped barrels. Methods are compared and the procedure is outlined.

4 pages [205k]
TUBB 2000 Concepts

This is must reading for anyone interested in the TUBB 2000 rifle or firearms design in general. It explains, in David's own words, all the thought and effort that went into producing a brand new rifle. Very interesting and informative reading.

10 pages [500k]
High Power Tips

Some of David's thoughts on preparation and mistake prevention. It is not too late to use this for Perry this year! It just might save you some troubles.

3 pages [100k]
High Power Success

This article outlines six tenents he has followed throughout his career. As with any and all by David, it's must reading for any serious shooter.

4 pages [175k]
Improving Pit Service

Invaluable advice from David. Don't know what else to say except that everyone who attends full-length High Power events should read this (and please read it if you're pulling my targets...) This should be required reading for Camp Perry attendees.

1 page [100k]
Fire-forming 6XC cases from .22-.250 brass

NEW Article (February 2012) - Instructions, suggestions, and tips for those who wish to form 6XC cases from parent .22-.250 brass, or adapt 6mmX cases for use in a 6XC chamber.

2 pages [160k]
Spring Design

This is about how firearms springs work, or should work, and you will learn a good deal from it.

5 pages [200k]
Firing Pin Impact Studies by James A. Boatright

Choosing optimal hammer and striker firing system components. An in-depth look at primer ignition, firing pin design and accuracy, by James A. Boatright.

8 pages [236k]


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