6XC Norma Brass (per 100)

6XC Norma Brass (per 100)
6XC Norma Brass (per 100) 6XC Norma Brass (per 100)
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The 6XC has dominated the across-the-course portion of the NRA High Power Rifle National Championships at Camp Perry as well as carding stellar performances in the NRA High Power Rifle Long Range events. The 6XC cartridge has won the Across-The-Course phase of Camp Perry for the last 8 of the past 11 years. And, it is also an outstanding long range varmint round.


Barrel life with the 6XC is much better than the .243 Winchester due to the fact that the XC has about 7 grains less powder capacity while equaling or exceeding .243 velocities.


Now, David Tubb and Superior Shooting Systems are pleased to offer Norma Brass in 6XC.


PREMIUM QUALITY - The Norma 6XC brass from Superior Shooting Systems is the result of more than two years of developmental work on the 6XC cartridge by Norma Precision AB and David Tubb. Norma's cases are renowned throughout the world for their high quality and uniformity. They use the highest quality materials, and the brass is made to very close tolerances, with meticulous control throughout the entire manufacturing process to create a perfect product.


Norma 6XC Brass comes properly resized for immediate use, and has a very long reloading life. Using proper (full-length sizing) reloading procedures, David Tubb has been able to use Norma 6XC Brass up to 25 times.


HARDNESS MEANS EASY BOLT LIFT - This Norma Premium Brass is designed to have a harder head than most cartridge cases on the market today. The stickiness associated with bolt lift (normally a brass hardness issue) with many calibers is virtually eliminated with the 6XC.


OPTIMIZED 6XC PERFORMANCE - Typical body wall runout on Norma is .002 inches or less measured anywhere on the case (most is .001 or under). This brass features a large rifle sized primer pocket. A detailed study of large and small rifle primers showed that large rifle primers worked best when the propellant charge exceeds 35 grains as is the case with the 6XC.


Rim thickness is approximately .050 inches so can be used with a standard .308 shellholder. A .308 body wall taper allows for easy feeding from .308 style magazine boxes.


SUPERIOR VELOCITY & INCREDIBLE ACCURACY - The extraordinary success of the 6XC cartridge speaks volumes about the confirmed superior characteristics of the 6XC design. Norma's test firer disclosed that his recent 6XC barrel had fired smaller groups than his previous ten 6BR barrels.


Norma 6XC Brass from Superior Shooting Systems is a critical component of building the best, most accurate and consistent 6XC ammunition.



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