David Tubb Presents The Ultimate Varmint DVD

David Tubb Presents The Ultimate Varmint DVD
David Tubb Presents The Ultimate Varmint DVD
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Join 11-time National High Power Champion and noted accuracy specialist & firearms designer David Tubb as he takes on the Baboons of South Africa.


Baboons are a smart, cunning, destructive and dangerous pest in South Africa. They wreak havoc on farmers' fields and equipment, and viciously kill young goats and lambs. In the fall of 2009, David Tubb traveled with his family and friend Paul Dickerson to the Eastern Cape of South Africa to field test his new Dynamic Targeting Ranging Scope Reticle on these fast and elusive creatures. The revolutionary design of the DTR Scope Reticle allows shooters to track moving targets at varying ranges without having to come off the scope (and lose sight of the target) to turn elevation/windage turrets or consult a PDA.


In this 2-1/2 hour video, you will see these hunters take on Baboons at ranges from 200 out to 1000 yards and beyond, using Tubb 2000 Rifles in 6XC and .300 WSM equipped with Premier Reticle scopes with the DTR Reticle. Plus, throughout the video, David explains the theory and practice behind what makes the DTR Reticle so effective, and also the many factors (density altitude, slope angle, changing range and wind holds) that must be quickly factored into a successful shot. And, you will see the goings-on and fun "behind-the-scenes" as well as some of the local wildlife, including the deadly Puff Adder, on this extraordinary South African hunting adventure.









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