Adaptive Target Rifle w/barrel and muzzle brake (Right hand)

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The Adaptive Target Rifle is the only rifle available that encopasses an overall design that alows its use in virtually any application, with no compromises.

Its dynamic design allows opportunities for fitting the individual's requirements in attaining a solid shooting position that conventional rifle designs simply cannot accomplish.

Additionally, the Adaptive Target Rifle is the most flexible platform available; its Barrel-Extension System allows easy barrel changes, letting the user have a multitude of barrels ready-to-install using the included toolkit. From configurations like a lightweight 338 caliber hunting rifle to a 22-pound F Class competitor, the Adaptive Target Rifle allows options and opporutnities unavailable in other platforms.

Every component in this system has been addressed and detailed to provide the very best package attainable: trigger, stock, forend, aciton mechanisms, magazine, adjustability, and ease of use, are second to none.

The Adaptive Target Rifle offers a lot ... By design, the Adaptive Target Rifle is utterly reliable and likely the most accurate rifle you will ever own...

Features of the Adaptive Target Rifle include:

-Exclusive Barrel Extension Technology

-Stable bolt technology

-Patented T7T 2-stage trigger

-Fully machined magazine system

-Full length 20 MOA picatinney rail

-Fully adjustable folding buttstock assembly

-70 degree bolt lift

-Ergonomic Tubb pistol grip design

-Easily removable trigger housing

Comes with Tubb non-symmetrical bipod and ATR muzzle brake

Made in the USA



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